How to host a Spa party at home

A day at a spa is expensive and it isn’t much fun. Why not do it all at home with perfect enjoyment saving enough money. It’s a fabulous way to get all your friends together for a night of fun. It might be an evening event or a full-on slumber party.



Start by selecting a day when you believe that most of your friends will be in town. Make the nice looking invitations to send to 5 or 10 of your dearest friends. Sending the invites 3 weeks before the event is great.

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5 Tips for DIY Spa Facial

Are you fond of spa facials? It is an admitted fact that a facial is never considered to be a facial unless you’re lying down, with the delicious creams all over the face and the sound of distant seashore. Re-creating the professional experience at home can help you make your skin softer, smoother and less irritable, says Ling Chan (the minister of Gisele and Uma Thurman).

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